[6 Jan] Achieve Higher Wellness & Learn Self Healing Techniques with Metassential Oils™System (English Speaking)

Achieve Higher Wellness & Learn Self Healing Techniques with Metassential OilsSystem (English Speaking)

Our body and mind is in constant bombardment in this fast paced and highly emotional environment. The ability to centre your mind and breath evenly remain a challenge if you are not making the effort to practice this in your daily routine. The 7 unique oil blends under Metassential Oils system brings solutions that can be applied conveniently with endless possibilities.
In a 2.5 hour workshop, learn practical hands on techniques with Helen Ong on how you can:
  • Clear low vibrations attracted or affected by people who are ill, with hostile emotions or negative vibes.
  • Balancing the Yin and Yang energies within your body and mind for centeredness 
  • Shift your energy by just massaging the right spots or meridian points with effective breathing techniques.
  • Back massage techniques for release of deep seated or trapped emotions and rejuvenation to the 7 chakras system for instant healing into higher wellness.
We will also cover the usage of 7 essential oils including:
1. How you can Banish away low vibrational energies such as anger, fear, resentment and past traumatic experiences. Protect your body and mind from negative or low vibrational energies emitting from people around you or the environment.
2. How to Receive love and attract loving, compassionate and helpful people into your life.
3. How to amplify and attract Prosperity and the secret to creating a storage of wealth.
4. How to be a winner and Champion all situations in your life.
5. How to clear clogs at the pineal glands for the manifestation of Miracles in your life.
6. How to Quicken transitions, transformation while clearing energies that block the Kundalini path.
7. How to amplify joy and dance while attracting an abundance of wealth into your life.
More about the speaker

Helen Ong is a Chinese Metaphysics consultant, teacher, and healer. A practitioner of the Dhamma, Helen is guided by universal principles and spiritual laws, striving to help individuals in both mundane and spiritual quests.

Helen is insightful in her analysis and readings. Her rewards lies in the satisfaction of solving conflicts and complicating issues. Combining scenario planning techniques during I-Ching divination, BaZi reading and Feng Shui applications to illuminate the darker areas of one's life such as career crisis, relationship conflicts, abundance blockages and life direction. Many of her clients and students have benefitted from her unique method of consultation. As a teacher and a public speaker.

Helen is known to be able to simplify complicated or complex theories with humour and wit. She is highly sought after by the financial institutions, banks, MNCs and prestigious organizations for seminars or workshop events.

An author for the Forecast book in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, Helen has also been contributing regularly to publications such as Smart Investors, Shareinvestments, Capital Asia.

Date: Jan, 6 2018 (Sat)
Time: 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Venue: Sound Therapy Hong Kong, 10/F, EIB Tower, 4-6 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, HK
Language: English
Fee: HK $ 350 (Early Bird: HK$300, paid full 6 Dec 2017)
[Note: There will be a $100 rebate if you buy the Metassential Oil on the day of the workshop]

To register: Please whatsapp 9729 4367 or email admin@soundtherapy.com.hk with the workshop you wish to attend, full name, contact number and we will get back to you within 3 days.


"Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder." - Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Author of "The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness using Sound, Voice, and Music"

"When we are in a state of health, we're like an extraordinary orchestra that's playing a wonderful symphony of the self. But what happens if the second violin player loses her sheet music? She begins to play out of tune, and pretty soon the entire string section sounds bad. Pretty soon, in fact, the entire orchestra is off. This is a metaphor for disease." - Jonathan Goldman, Author of "Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics" and Director of the Sound Healers Organization