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What is singing bowl? 

There are many types of Himalayan singing bowls, such as handmade singing bowls, machine-made singing bowls, new bowls, old bowls, antique bowls, plain bowls, full-moon bowls, 7-metals singing bowls, large and small bowls, high-pitched bowls, low-pitched bowls etc.

Quality singing bowls 

We visit Nepalese manufacturers and sellers in person, carefully select the singing bowls one by one, base on the sound, frequency and energy. Therefore, the singing bowls we sell are of quality assurance and are suitable for healing purposes.

Characteristics of Our Singing Bowls 

The sound is pure, rich and warm;
The sound is harmonious and open;
The harmonic tones are long-lasting and fade out gradually;
It can deeply purify the soul, and bring your messy mind back to the present;
It can also deeply open the blockage of the body and effectively divert the flow of energy, thereby improving immunity and self-healing ability.

Making a Personal Choice

The most important consideration when choosing a singing bowl is the sound. Choose the sound that you like the best, where you find it resonating with your whole being. Please make an appointment before visiting us. Our staff will provide professional advice if you need.

Our Singing Bowls Collection 

Size: 3 - 12 inches
These include: handmade singing bowls, new bowls, old bowls, antique bowls, plain bowls, full-moon bowls and 7-metals bowls.

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