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Sound Therapy, or Vibrational Therapy, is a natural and painless treatment. In recent decades, it attracted more and more attention from all over the world due to its remarkable effects on physical, emotional, as well as mental level on a human being.

Combination of Ancient Wisdom and Scientific Evidence 

Our Sound Massage combines ancient medical wisdom with modern scientific evidence. Through sound and specific massage techniques, you can achieve full depth relaxation and nourishment, at the same time initiate your inner self-healing ability. Eventually, you can achieve a physiological (physical) and psychological (emotional) balance.

The benefits on body, mind and energy:

Body Level --  The intensive and meticulous vibration from singing bowls easily penetrates every muscle, tissue, bone and cell of our bodies. It helps clear the body's block and expels toxins; its frequency is also confirmed by scientific research that it helps boost immunity and energy.

Mind level -- Harmonics of the sound will let the brainwaves slowly enter the deeply relaxing state of Alpha, Theta and even Delta, so that the body and mind can deeply relieved.

Energy Level -- The vibration of the sound can clear the energy congestion, facilitate the blood flow more smoothly, and thus increase energy (chi or prana).

This Sound Therapy is especially beneficial for:
-- Insomnia or poor sleep quality
-- Pain
-- Stress/easy tension or anxiety
-- Muscles and Energy Tension

The Treatment Process:

Our professional sound therapists will apply appropriate sound massage techniques according to your physical condition (such as insomnia, pain, tension). During the process, you will lie comfortably on the massage table, and then our therapist will put the singing bowl(s) on the relevant part of your body, and the sound and vibration will massage every part of your body. The whole process is relaxing and comfortable.


75 mins Body and Mind Relaxation @$1200

In this deep relaxation journey, our sound therapist will guide you through a 5-minute personally guided  mindfulness practice. Our therapist will then use 6  singing bowls for 70 mins sound massage. The sound and the specific massage technique is to help you achieve a more comprehensive and deeper body and mind improvement.

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*Sound Therapy package is valid within 1 year since the date of purchase.

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Sound Therapy - Gong Bath and Multi-Bowls

This is an in-depth, holistic and personal healing solution.

Wellness is more than the simple absence of disease.

Our physical and mental health is composed of genetics, diet, living habits, environment, emotions, beliefs and other factors. Modern people are suffering from years of accumulation of different adverse factors, leading to sub-health conditions such as insomnia, chronic fatigue, nervous, anxiety, unexplained pain such as headache, poor memory, loss of vitality, lack of energy, etc. If the unbalanced situation cannot be treated by the right treatment properly and timely, ultimately will lead to various diseases. From the sound therapy perspective, our body has lost its original balance and has developed a so-called dis-ease.

Therapy process

This is our most powerful treatment combining the use of a 1.2M gong, 20+ singing bowls and other sound instruments, to bring you to the state of deepest relaxation and tranquility.

The sound therapy aim at quickly adjusting and balancing your physical and mental condition according to your meridian and energy center. This is especially beneficial for clients who look for a alternative therapy for body and mind recovery after serious illness treatment.

Each treatment costs HK $1,800/1.5 hours

Therapy features:

• Includes personal gong bath and multi-bowls therapy
• With the use of singing bowls to directly contact with the body, you do not simply listen to the sound but also feel the frequency via your body.
• More than a few hundred sound frequencies resonate with various parts of the body, organs, emotions and aura at the same time, resulting in rapid deep healing.
• Each treatment is personalize and designed for your individual condition.
• Comprehensively purify, balance, and integrate your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Address:Sound Therapy HK (10/F, EIB Tower, 4-6 Morrison Hill Road, Wanchai, HK)

*Sound Therapy package is valid within 6 months since the date of purchase.

**By Appointment Only** (No Walk-In)


whatsapp:9729 4367
Email : admin@soundtherapy.com.hk