Vibrational Medicine As Medical Treatments Are Making Headway Into Hospitals

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Vibrational Medicine As Medical Treatments Are Making Headway Into Hospitals

Sound Healing is now being used in the Integrative Therapy departments of most hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area and is also in just about every major hospital in large cities across the country.**

The techniques being used include Voice, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and gongs.  These mini concerts create a stable and coherent vibration in the body, mind and emotions, which overcome the chaotic vibrations of fear, anxiety, depression, and pain and entrain the system into a state of peace and stillness.  Consistent tones are the basis of all sound healing.

Research has shown that when someone is at peace, the entire immune system flourishes, and all organs go into alignment.  In actuality, the body is given space, free from tension to heal on its own.

There are many stories of profound healings that have happened just using these instruments (

Tuning forks are also being used in many hospitals around the country.  They are especially helpful by getting the coherent vibration right on the body to help overcome pain.

All of these techniques are mostly based on activating the body’s natural healing response.

However, a whole new revolution, or evolvement, is now beginning to take place.  That is, sound and music are now making their way into the Medical side of hospitals.

There are several major events that have helped to start opening the doors.

First, there is the Ted Talk by Anthony Holland that shows videos of 4 types of cancer being exploded by sound frequencies.  (Search for “Anthony Holland, Ted Talk or here’s the direct link to the Youtube video: This research is opening the eyes of many doctors to new possibilities.

However, the big shift has been as the result of the Opioid crisis. Doctors are now seriously looking for safe and effective alternatives to recommend to patients.

The music, technologies and research work by David Gibson of the Sound Healing Research Foundation is also starting to make an impact.  **Kaiser Hospital is now referring patients for treatments for anxiety and pain management**.  **A research project done by the Institute at St. Mary’s Hospital in Stockton, California with 25 patients showed a reduction in a wide range of symptoms**.  On average the symptoms went from 8.8 down to a 1.

The Institute has also done clinical research on Parkinson’s patients.  Symptoms went from 8.2 down to 2.0 on average.

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston commissioned David to create series of musical compositions for multiple issues, including sleep, depression, anxiety and even headaches.

Gibson’s Sound Lounges are now being used for First Responders who are having personal crises.  Over 150 lives have been saved in the last year.  The lounges are now being introduced into 70 hospitals for the doctors and nurses.  As well, the University of Colorado is about to begin a clinical research project to show why the Lounges with Gibson’s music are so effective.

**Now Gibson has come up with a new concept of how Vibration works, that is now paving a new path in the way Vibrational Medicine may proceed in the future.  The concept is based on the scientific (and intuitive) fact that Vibration is the basis of everything in the Universe.  As a previous physics major at U.C. Berkeley, David says that when you understand the laws of physics, you have the keys to the Universe – particularly, the body.**

This new concept is that there is a “hierarchy of vibration” that exists in the body.  Many people in sound are focused on frequencies.  Music Therapists are mostly focused on music.  However, it is much more complex than that.

Frequencies are the basis.
Multiple Frequencies create a more complex sound or Timbre.
More than one Timbre gives you Musical Intervals or Chords.
Add time, and you now have Melody and Rhythm, which have their own affects on the mind and emotions.
However, when you add Energy or Intention, the healing effects are even more enhanced (see “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart to see the definitive science around intention).


The point is to work at all levels of the hierarchy instead of just one level.  For example, the cells may be seen as Frequencies. Many cells make up the organs, which are like Timbres.  The relationship between the organs are the Musical Intervals and Chords.  However, the most important part is “smooth flow” of Music through the body.  If you don’t have smooth flow in the nervous system you will be shaky.  No flow in the circulatory system and you could have a heart attack.  Bad flow through the digestive system causes all kinds of problems.

It is a “systems” approach.

It’s like particles and waves.  The Frequencies and Timbres are the parts that receive and transmit the flow.  If there is a blockage in the flow anywhere in the system we can either explode them with Destructive Resonance (like ultrasound on kidney stones), or harmonize them into their natural coherent stable healthy state, so they once again receive and transmit the flow through the whole system.

Currently, there is some very detailed clinical research using ultrasound to activate tubules in different parts of the brain to activate different states of consciousness. However, looking at how all five components of the hierarchy of vibration are working together in the brain, gives us a more holistic view in order to create different states of consciousness. Then we can seriously entrain every part including the overall flow of the brain even more effectively.

The potential is huge – not only for accessing profound states of consciousness, but for also overcoming a wide range of psychological issues.   It is also the new pathway for working with brain injuries.

When we look at this using this wider perspective for a new medicine, the future becomes really bright.  Imagine, entraining the whole body back into its natural healthy state, with no side effects!

As Gibson puts it, “The more ways you lead a horse to water, the more chances it will drink.”  More importantly, when we entrain every part of the body into its healthy state at every level – from the micro to the macro – we can start to achieve 100% results with any issue or illness.

The Research Foundation ( is now about to receive funding for mapping all of the frequencies, timbres, intervals, and musical flows within the body.  Checkout The Foundation will also be researching the hierarchy of Vibration for a wide range of issues including:  Pain, Sleep, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dementia, PTSD, and Brain Injuries.

The Foundation is now setting up the Medical Sound Association ( -- under construction) in association with doctors and hospitals to design specific sound and music treatments for the full spectrum of medical issues.  The Foundation will begin by focusing on safety guidelines for each type of issue.  The site will also feature a portal where any research showing the effectiveness of different Vibrational techniques for specific issues may be tracked over time.

**The 8th International Globe Sound Healing Conference** will address these issues from a wide range of perspectives.  Gibson’s keynote will discuss this concept in more detail.  The panel on Sound and Medicine, with some of the top innovators in this area, will focus specifically on how to make inroads into the current medical system.  Ed Rupert will be discussing his protocol for working with First Responders.  And… much more.

For more information, contact David Gibson ( or JC Davis (
September 21-23 in San Francisco